We asked our readers to tell us which iPad applications and accessories are making their lives as veterinary professionals easier. Here’s what they said.


Chapters is a note-taking app allows you to manage multiple notebooks, each fully searchable and with its own settings. The app has a timestamp capability and is easy to use for jumping from personal to professional topics.
Price: $3.99
Created by: Steven Romej
Reader comment: “For those of you who keep a journal, this is the app for you. You can journal and find what you wrote!”

Compendium of Veterinary Products provides data on over 5,000 pharmaceutical, biological, feed medication, and parasiticide products. This app also includes charts on withdrawal time, a manufacturer index and contact information, and more.
Price: Free
Created by: North American Compendiums
Comments: “Great app, and it’s free.”

DVM Calc was developed by critical care and other veterinary specialists. It includes 26 practical calculators, 15 specific constant rate infusion calculators, and 10 toxicity calculators.
Price: $4.99
Created by: Trumpetfish Productions
Comment: “Love it!”

Evernote lets you make new text and audio notes, as well as view existing content all with a swipe or tap of your finger.
Price: Free
Created by: Evernote
Reader comment: “I can put all kinds of notes in there, audio as well as typed notes for future reference, and it syncs with my desktop.”

Jump Desktop is a remote desktop system easily configurable to your iPad from a MAC or PC.
Price: $14.99
Created by: Phase Five Systems
• “Jump connects me to my office computer so even out of the office I can access medical records, a document that I started on the desktop, etc.”
• “Remote desktopping allows all 3 vets to have their iPads in the room (and at home) to access everything.”
• “We use Jump to remote desktop to the server. We have tried other remote desktop apps and like this one the best—easy controls and user friendly.”

MyPetED is a client pet app for to store pet profiles, veterinarian contact info, and pet care advice.
Price: $1.99
Created by: LifeLearn
Reader comment: “We use MyPetEd to print out handouts. It’s great!”

Notebooks for iPad allows you to conveniently write, and organize ideas, notes, and reminders that you want to keep close at hand.
Price: $8.99
Created by: Alfons Schmid
Reader comment: “Notebooks allows me to cut and paste to take notes when reading online journals and veterinary websites, and search them when I need them. I have over 400 notes in there, organized in many categories.”

Notetaker HD is a note-taking app offering options like multiple line thicknesses, fonts, and the ability to import PDFs and insert and crop photos.
Price: $4.99
Created by: Software Garden
Reader comment:“Every journal article and any other article I want to keep goes here. I can highlight and take notes ‘on’ the article. Wonderful for meeting notes…in the past I [used a] CD and then a notebook/or computer file for my notes. NOW the notes I take at the meetings are actually WITH the notes distributed by the speaker!”

Penultimate allows you to take notes, draw sketches, or annotate photos in your own handwriting using an inking technology that is simple to use with no stray marks appearing on the page.
Price: $1.99
Created by: Cocoa Box Design LLC
Reader comments:
• “I use Penultimate notebooks to show clients pictures of their pet's x-rays. I can draw on the x-ray images to illustrate things. Likewise on skin lesions, dental pathology, etc. I can even email the images to the client.”
• “Penultimate is great for writing notes—just like a note book. It’s easy to diagram out plans, thoughts, etc.”


Survivor Military-Duty Case is designed to protect your iPad from extreme conditions. One reader wrote, “I can see me dropping my pad, getting all kinds of excrement on it, or getting it knocked off the table by a fractious patient.” The Survivor cover is available for just such contingencies. Its shatter-resistant polycarbonate frame will survive shocks and drops, the built-in screen protector seals the device from dirt and moisture. Ports are covered by hinged plugs.
Price: $79.99
Created by: Griffin
Reader comment: “A colleague (DVM) of mine brings her [iPad with a Griffin military cover] to horse barns. Hers takes a beating—horse slobber, coffee, grime from horse barns, you name it.”

Apple Wireless Keyboard connects to your iPad with Bluetooth, allowing you to type anywhere within range. The keyboard runs on 2 AA batteries and has a power management system to shut itself down and extend battery life.
Price: $69.00
Created by: Apple
Reader comment: “We use small wireless keyboards to aid in faster typing as well. We even add cool surgical photos to the iPads to show clients in the room about the procedure we are about to perform. It's great!”