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Kicking Off Week 2: Top 5 Highlights

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Kicking Off Week 2: Top 5 Highlights

The first week of the Goa drive ended with much to celebrate: incredible work accomplished (rain or shine), nearly 3,500 dogs vaccinated, a terrific group of leaders and staff, new friends, so many puppies, and, most of all, pet owners who share a love of their animals.


Five Thousand or Bust

With a vaccination goal of 5,000 dogs for the 2-week drive, our remaining goal is to vaccinate 1,508 dogs this week. As we reach new places on our map, the terrain is becoming a bit more rural, with more walking required to reach and vaccinate each dog. Some teams are lucky enough to have a little beach walking on their schedule.


Making a Difference

Mission Rabies makes a difference. The success of eliminating rabies in Goa is about so much more than just progress in this state. The model being built for how to eliminate rabies and save human and animal lives can be used in other states in India as well as in other countries. Mission Rabies data show that in 2017, 1.5 dogs per week were suspected to have rabies. Contrast that with this year: teams are now picking up less than 1 dog per month. Human deaths went from 15 per year in 2017 to 0 in 2019. The numbers say it all. This program works.


The Maternity Ward

One day last week, our Python team began the day at a government hospital and promptly found 3 litters of puppies. One litter was right under the sign for the maternity ward. These stray canines are so smart!


Where Are the Starving Dogs?

I arrived in India with a preconceived idea that I would see starving dogs on the streets in Goa. In reality, the stray dogs in Goa generally have good body condition. This is a tribute to the people in the community who are feeding and caring for these stray animals.


Education Matters

Julie Corfmat, Goa Project Manager for Mission Rabies, shared a story with me about a local family. When the family’s dog began to act oddly, one of the children alerted her parents that the dog could have rabies. A veterinary examination revealed the dog was in fact rabid. This young child likely saved her entire family.

Mission Rabies has been teaching children about rabies for several years and change in the community is visible and positive. Our teams have had strong engagement with children who follow and watch us work, show us where the stray mothers hide their puppies, and LOVE to have their own Mission Rabies Bracelets.

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