January 2017 Zoobiquity: Phobias

  • Explore parallels in two phobia cases—one veterinary and one human medicine—in our new zoobiquity series.
  • How would you treat this acute seizure case?
  • Explore these top 5 ophthalmologic emergencies in dogs.
Table of Contents January 2017

Tooth Fracture in a Pediatric Patient

When a young patient breaks a tooth, what is the appropriate treatment? Follow this flowchart to determine the best course of action.

Lymphadenopathy in Dogs

A lymph node can become enlarged for a variety of reasons. Use this algorithm to help narrow the differential diagnoses. 

Internal Medicine Peer Reviewed

Phobias in Animals and Humans

Animals and humans have more in common than you think. Discover how counterconditioning and medical therapy helped these very different patients suffering from anxiety disorders. 

Behavior Peer Reviewed

Acute Seizure in a Dog

A 7-year-old dog suffers a seizure at home; now you must decide whether to treat conservatively or recommend an MRI. 

Neurology Peer Reviewed

Diets for Each Life Stage

As dogs and cats grow, their nutritional needs can change substantially. Use these guidelines to help clients select the best diet for their pet’s life stage.  

Clinical Nutrition Peer Reviewed

Top 5 Reproduction Concerns in Dogs

Problems with the reproductive tract affect all pets. Get expert tips on dealing with conditions from pyometra to prostate enlargement. 

Reproduction Peer Reviewed

Top 5 Canine Ophthalmologic Emergencies

Prompt treatment of these conditions could save your patient’s eye and its functions. Here are 5 common canine eye emergencies seen in general practice.  

Ophthalmology Peer Reviewed